Thursday, 14 January 2016


Cant believe im actually form4 this year . Pejam celik pejam celik dah tingkatan4 ey rasa cam last year baru form1 . It doesnt feel good to be 16... Olaaa so stressful + im in science stream . S2g la , my brain explode already . This is the 2nd week of school and im already like a dead fish . Cant even focus on what teacher is bebel-ing . Well, wanna share some story . So, yesterday i went for an interview at teknik seremban . The school r just like a typical normal school and everyone that was there is malay . It feels soooooo freaking diff . I can feel the Malay Vibes is going thru my blood vessels... Bet if i dapat masuk teknik, ill be the batu there bcs most of them r from Malaka, Nogori Sembilan and Johor . You know how kasar the way they talk ? even when someone speak aku/kau with me my heart literally tersentap :') HAHAH , shit cant imagine myself there. It is so hard to fit in. But oh well, be the change you want!!  I wanna be an architect , so yea , be brave , be courage , take the challenges and be sucessful!!! 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Day 1!

Short vacation with family to Penang ! Yeaaa it is so unplanned , tapi sampai jugak siniii Yeayyy! Dah lama tau sebenarnya tak pergi vacation , ni pun pergi satu malam je because abang SPM, so kena la study kan. Sampai sampai je pergi Bukit Benderaa , dulu pernah pergila tapi tak ingat pape . Kat Bukit Bendera ni ada Muzium Burung Hantu , ada tempat yang gantung gantung love lock which is called "Cinta di Bukit Bendera" . Tapi ceq takde kekasih ni , so berangan jela ;) nak lock pun takde siapa Hahahah , the view here pun lawaa ! Makanan pun okay jugak ! The price kalau guna student card dapat RM5 ( school students ) RM 10 ( adults / collegues ) . Santai santai bestla pergi sini because scenery is very nice ! 

2nd Penang Bridge!
It was raining this time, nasibla tak lebat and banyak tempat berteduh 

Ha, tu tempat makan diaa. First level makanan , second minuman . Best ahh seriousss, theres a lot of choices too!

Cinta di Bukit Bendera!

After Bukit Bendera , we went to jalan jalan around Penanggg , tengok wall art around the street . Gambar tak dapat banyak sangat because hujan . But this is one of it . 

It is really really nice and creative laa , i like it ! Benda benda ni bersepah , so kena pandai pandai rayau laa . Boleh sewa basikall , but  not sure how much is it . Maaf ye . Hahaha xD

Then jalan jalan pergi Chew Jetty. I dont know how to explain abt this place but its like a "water village" where chinese people live . Kat situ , ada la jual some souvenirs yang comel comel . Handmade tho ! Sorry for my short description abt this , well you could check it out here - Clan Jetties

The view tho ! 

After a tiring day , we checked in at Super 8 Hotel . Its cheap , okayla if youre going just for a short vacay bcs bukannya duduk hotel pun , just to rest and sleep . Well, hotel tu okay tapi takde tingkap but parking and stuff is good. Well, i need to rest now . Byebye readers!   



Monday, 2 November 2015

Me ?

There's nothing much to share about me.  I am 15 . I speak malay and english . Why i didnt use my name ? Oh that is because im not ready for anybody to knows me . Well, i'll reveal about myself slowly . Im a girl and i wear hijab, i love to share about tennage stuff since i am one of them ! and i would love to share about the journey of my life too. so i hope it doesn't bother you because I'm quite an emo person but im nice okay :) So yea lets start the journey of my story !